"There is no sale without the story; No knockout without the set-up." - Gary Vaynerchuk

It's nice to have someone in your corner, it's even better to have someone to ensure that you will succeed. 

We are your coach, and YOU are our most valuable player. 


We promise to deliver:






and most importantly...RESULTS.

Lauren holds both agency and corporate communications experience. Working  for some of the best public relations agencies in America while also taking on the role as the PR and Branding Director for a former client, Lauren found herself yearning to find a way to marry her passion for wellness and fitness with her professional expertise, and thus the idea for Knockout Communications was born. 

A highly effective media specialist with a proven track record for taking brands to the next level, Lauren's career has blossomed through her results-driven attitude and creative thinking to secure meaningful coverage that fosters overall business growth. From large-scale PR stunts to break Guinness World Records, to smaller initiatives to increase social engagement, Lauren has worked with a multitude of brands - spanning from health/fitness to beauty/personal care to travel/hospitality and more. With her vast background and understanding of the ever-changing media landscape, she goes above and beyond to guarantee her clients are more than satisfied.

And Lauren's coaching extends beyond the world of PR and marketing. In fact, when she isn't on a conference call, writing a press release or planning an event, Lauren spends any "free" time at a local boxing gym where she works with women to build confidence and strength from the inside out.